Here at the Tutor Company we want to provide the best resources to all learners who need them for their revision. It is important for us to keep up to date with the different types of resources that develop over the years. Especially in the past couple of years with the pandemic influencing the development of materials and how students use them. Predicted papers are one of the resources that has emerged during this time and is proving to be incredibly useful for learners of all ages. We have many different papers that we recommend to everyone.


The many different predicted papers have their own strengths. Especially when it comes to the content and how effective they can be. Here are a few:



The maths predicted papers are available for many different exam boards including AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. The great thing about its content is that it uses the exam board papers as the level of standard with each paper being different from each other. Many other predicted papers may say that they follow exam board papers as a guide for their content, but a lot of them are generic and do not give you the best example of what to expect in the actual exams. They may still prove to be useful but not as useful as the MME papers that we recommend. The English and A level predicted papers reflect their respective topics really well and can be incredibly useful for revision and studying. The same goes for the GCSE science predicted papers, but only combined science papers are available as work is still going on for the individual Chemistry, Physics and Biology papers. 


We aim for the best when learners come to us for resources and materials so that they can go and take their exams with confidence. It is important that they know where to find these and how to use them to their full potential. For any questions about our services, please contact us.