Qualifications are a very important part of achieving the career goals a person has. It enables you to go a step further and open more opportunities in the future. The qualifications that we at the Tutor Company focus on are maths and English. An alternative to GCSE maths and English is functional skills. This option is becoming very popular due to its accessibility for all learners of different ages. It is important for everyone to get the best possible materials and resources to support their learning. Books are great for studying, and that is why we highly recommend getting the functional skills maths level 2 book.


This is a great way to start and kick off your revision. All of the main topics and key methods are covered to get you up and running, and to make you aware of what may possibly come up in your exams. The functional skills maths level 2 book is essential in how you use your study time and how you develop your study habits. This revision material also gives you a way to practice what you have been trying with practice questions to test your level of understanding. Knowing how far you have come is key to identifying the topics that you may still be weak in. Follow this link for more information on two books that we highly recommend to all learners: functional skills maths level 2 book.

 These books are available online through Amazon where you can get next day delivery. The functional skills maths books are just one of many resources that are available to you, so you are free to look at those too. Things like the level 2 revision cards and past papers, that also provide their own challenges. For all things in regards to support for qualifications in maths, English and even science, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We are more than happy to help you.