Preparing learners of all ages for their exams is something that we pride ourselves on. We want all students to be equipped with the best resources in order to succeed. A subject that is known for its difficulty and needs good revision is GCSE maths. To pass, learners need to study hard and be as focused as they possibly can be. They will also need the best resources available to them, which we are here for. A great example is the GCSE maths past papers. They are incredibly useful and can become an essential revision material for all students in preparation for the exams.


The main thing about the GCSE maths past papers is that it can serve as a test to see how far you have come and how good your knowledge is in the subject. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is very important when revising, as you do not want to be wasting your time going over the things you are already good at while not spending enough time on the things you are struggling with. These come with mark schemes too, so sitting a paper and then marking it after can give you an idea of what you need to focus on when revising. The progress that a learner makes may not be as evident early on as different past papers may bring out different things to work on. Improvement takes time and the longer you revise using the past papers, the greater the chance of passing. It is important to note that using different exam papers from other exam boards is a great way to practice for GCSE maths. GCSE English and science exam boards specifications may differ from each other but GCSE maths tend to be rather similar. Here are a few different exam boards that we recommend: 



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