What are functional skills? 

 Functional skills are a qualification in English Maths and ICT.  These qualifications are used to improve chances in life such as applying for certain jobs or to apply to universities and apprenticeships.  


What are functional skills qualifications used for? 


Functional skills are mandatory for university courses and for job employers when looking at someone’s CV. A level 2 qualification must be achieved to progress in any area of the world. 

There are many examples of careers that require a level 2 qualification, Policing and IT naming a few. 


What are the functional skills grades and pass marks? 


To pass the functional skills courses a pass percentage is required, this percentage is determined by the difficulty of the exam and the subject of the exam. Pass marks vary from 50% to 60%. If the pass percentage is achieved you will receive a level 2 qualification. 


How do I register for a functional skills qualification? 


Registering for a functional skills course is incredibly easy and won’t take much of your free time. By making sure the contacted exam center is Ofqual regulated you will be put onboard and sent the required exam learning materials.  Pass Functional Skills is one such center and has proven high pass rates.


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