Taking your GCSEs for the first time or retaking your GCSEs is an important step to finding many different careers in the world. There are many different providers around but only two are recognised by the major universities. A Star Equivalency is one of those choices. 

Supporting students undertaking these GCSE equivalency tests is of incredible importance to us. These tests are a fantastic way to begin a pGCE course or to become a teacher. As well as being a great choice they are also benchmarked against the major test providers that are AQA and Edexcel. They are shortened down into a more sizable course and exam to then have the flexibility of studying these courses in a shorter amount of time.


The exams are available 6 days a week and are able to be taken online from 9am to 6pm being the last available time on the day. Each exam takes up two hours of your time and can be taken in the comfort of your own home or in any private spacing. Once passed you will then acquire the certificate of proof showing your qualification, this qualification will contain a unique code to you which will then be used to verify your qualification and hard work.


 Here at the tutor company, we offer the avenue of tuition. You can acquire 1-2-1 tuition to aid in the completion and passing of your exam. We have many dedicated tutors willing to spend as much time you need on any of the 3 courses available.    


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