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Tutor Company is one of many premier tuition agencies born out of its parent website Tutor Company.

We have English, Science and Maths tutors in the UK who offer the highest level of personal tuition for KS2 students all the way up to A Level. So whether you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in the UK or a Tutor Company can help!

We have different agencies set up in each of the major cities in England, Scotland and into Wales. Our vision is to make expert private tuition accessible and help our students to progress with their Maths, English and Science studies. If you are looking for a Maths, Science or English tutor in the UK, think Tutor Company.

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Maths, English and Science Revision Resources

We are the founders of Complete Tuition, a website dedicated to providing reliable revision resources and verified tutors. Contact Us to discover more about our tutoring agencies and the academic tuition they provide throughout the Uk, from Glasgow to London!
What does Tutor Company do?

Alongside Complete Tuition we promote reputable tutoring agencies as part of our tutor franchise network. Our tuition franchises primarily offer Maths, English and Science tuition in many different locations across the country. Many of our original tutoring agencies are based near Skipton and Harrogate in North Yorkshire. We are affiliated with tutor franchise who offer talented tutors and teachers the opportunity to set up their own tutor agency franchise. All of the tutor franchise agencies are promoted by Tutor Company and our website as we know the quality of the tutoring agencies that they help to set up. Our tutoring agencies cover the following locations:
Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester, Leeds, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle. Our agencies are expanding all over the UK. Contact Us to enquire about setting up your own tuition franchise and become a successful tutor and business owner in your area!
We have also recently partnered with the largest numeracy skills test provider in the UK, QTS Maths Tutor. So if you are looking for practice numeracy skills test providers or a qts numeracy skills test tutor, then QTS Maths Tutor can help.

Why have you set up a tutoring agency franchise?
We have set up a tutoring agency franchise because we believe there are many tutoring agencies out there who offer excellent services but can’t climb Google because there are large sites offering cheap tuition. In many cases these tutoring site pay to be at the top of Google or pay SEO experts to get their website to the top. We think that people want to select tutors and tutoring agencies based on quality not the fact they they have paid to be on Google. Therefore the tutoring agencies under our franchise only recruit tutors that have the right qualifications but also have DBS checks and experience in tutoring. Tutor Company wants to ensure all tutoring agencies that work under our name offer the same level of high quality tuition regardless of what area of the country they are in.
Tutor Company has a vision whereby we have an established team in each of the major cities in the country each providing a high quality tutoring service. Along with our partners, Complete Tuition, we are looking to offer this service nationally in a matter of months. Our dedicated team of tutors and web developers are working away to develop the Tutor Company brand and spread the message about the high quality tuition our tutors provide.

Monthly mention:
Each month the tutor company choose a subject and agency to shout about and this month it is QTS Maths Tutor. QTS Maths Tutor offer expert numeracy skills test tuition along with online and interactive numeracy skills tests. This month the QTS Maths Tutor website and service has been transformed with more access to numeracy skills resource and support from excellent tutors than ever before. If you are looking for a numeracy skills tutor, or you simply want more numeracy skills test revision resources, then visit QTS Maths Tutor.
Why are the tuition agencies that you promote superior to others:
There are a number of reasons why the tutoring agencies that Tutor Company promotes are better than others, including the following:

1. All of our tutoring agencies have tutors who are DBS checked.

2. All tutoring agencies provide high quality tuition.

3. All the tutors are qualified to the appropriate level with relevant experience in their chosen subject.

4. All tutors plan their lessons meticulously and stick to a proven lesson strucutre.

5. Homework is set every week to support what has been tutored in that lesson.

6. All tuition is on a one to one basis, no group tuition.

7. All tutors are professional, organised and punctual. The tutoring agencies that work through us are all professional and don’t offer ‘cheap tutoring’ as you often get what you pay for. This said we believe strongly in keeping tuition affordable and value for money which is why we take which tutors we hire and which tutoring agencies we promote, very seriously.

8. The tutor franchise we operate use tried and tested processes in order to enhance customer service and benefit every student we tutor.

Therefore if you are thinking about operating a tutor franchise or you are looking to run your own tutoring business, get in touch with Tutor Company as we have opportunities to get involved with tuition businesses in locations all across the country. Contact Tutor Company today!

Leeds Tutor Company

Tutor company FAQs

Yes, many of our tutors travel to areas all across England.
Just give us a call and we will make sure your child is matched with the most suitable Maths tutor for their needs.
Yes, all tutors must be experienced in order to work for Tutor Company.
Yes homework will be set to help accelerate learning and reinforce what has been covered in the lesson. In some circumstances where parents requests it, homework may not be set.
Yes all of our GCSE tutors are qualified.
Just give us a call and we will make sure your child is matched with the most suitable Maths tutor for their needs.
It is easy, just give Tutor Company a call and we will ensure your child is placed with the most appropriate tutor for their needs.
Yes, all tutors must get to there lessons on time.


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